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Release Note for 354

Release Note for 354


Note Status
We now leave scripts open when transitioning to/from play solo and when toggling between client and server data models. If you try to open a script while in Client or Server mode, and the 'edit' version of the script was already open, we will raise-to-top the 'edit' version of the script. If no edit version of script is open, we open the version belonging to current data model (Client or Server). Scripts belonging to a particular data model are marked with a colored dot in the tab indicating which data model they belong to. LiveStatus.PNG
PluginGui now has BindToClose. pass in a function. When user clicks the "close" button on Plugin Widget, if BindToClose has been called, instead of closing, we just trigger the bound function. LiveStatus.PNG
Converted Studio Game Settings window to Lua LiveStatus.PNG
Improve performance of parts and decals with Transparency=1 in the new instanced renderer LiveStatus.PNG
Uninstalling Studio should no longer leave a stray file behind LiveStatus.PNG
Game server can now control clients to automatically collect untranslated text and send them the platform back-end for further processing. LiveStatus.PNG


Note Status
Fixed problem with Ctrl-Shift-F not working after Play Solo. LiveStatus.PNG
Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync() now has a 500 call per minute throttle. LiveStatus.PNG
Roblox can once again be successfully uninstalled on Windows Xp! LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed unstable behavior of cone limits on BallSocket and angular limits on Hinges in presence of other forces like Motors or Align constraints. LiveStatus.PNG
Fix flickering with click-to-move texture dots LiveStatus.PNG

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