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Release Note for 353

Release Note for 353


Note Status
Fixed issue with BindToClose and Accurate Play Solo. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed issue where scrolling frames on surface guis did not behave properly with mouse input. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed an issue were Sounds might play even if they are outside of the MaxDistance if they have Attachments as parents LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed an issue where a Sound RollOffMode would sometimes not take effect if the parent of the Sound was an Attachment. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed a bug affecting ball raycasts. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed a bug where reading Humanoid.Health sometimes returned outdated values. LiveStatus.PNG
Improved accuracy of packets/sec stats in network stats display. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed unstable behavior of cone limits on BallSocket and angular limits on Hinges in presence of other forces like Motors or Align constraints. LiveStatus.PNG


Note Status
TeleportData will now be available to the server from GetJoinData LiveStatus.PNG

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