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Release Note for 352

Release Note for 352


Note Status
New API for PluginGui:GetRelativeMousePosition(). It will return mouse positions relative to plugin gui if it is inside gui or it is a drag and leaves gui LiveStatus.PNG
PluginGui now has BindToClose. pass in a function. When user clicks the "close" button on Plugin Widget, if BindToClose has been called, instead of closing, we just trigger the bound function. LiveStatus.PNG
Added in properties PrivateServerId and PrivateServerOwnerId Deprecated VIPServerId and VIPServerOwnerId Added new return value to ReserveServer, privateServerId. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixes a networking issue where some instances have inconsistent property values between players already in a game and players joining that game. The issue is believed to manifest rarely because it requires moving instances from a replicated service (like Workspace) to a non-replicated service (like ServerStorage) and then back again. LiveStatus.PNG
Changed Ctrl+Shift+Fn stat panels to use the renderer that's used by microprofiler, which results in less overhead when the panels are active. LiveStatus.PNG


Note Status
Fixed regression where changing surface type would remove explicit joints like Motor6Ds in addition to auto-joints LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed a bug where slowly rotating thin objects would cause severe latency when using Streaming. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed legacy Enum integer values not being correctly mapped to supported values in some cases. LiveStatus.PNG
Introduce server-side In-Game CSG API for performing Union and Subtract operations. LiveStatus.PNG

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