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Release Note for 351

Release Note for 351


Note Status
Improve rendering stability on Galaxy S7 and other phones with Mali-T880 LiveStatus.PNG
Improve rendering geometry generation performance on Android LiveStatus.PNG
A confirmation dialog now appears when you try to close a Team Create-enabled place in Studio via closing the place tab. LiveStatus.PNG
Added ability to scale parts of the animation LiveStatus.PNG


Note Status
Fixed RunService:IsEdit for start server / start player. Again. LiveStatus.PNG
Fix lag spikes in games with high rates of in-game chat messages. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed Inner Box collisions bouncing around after character death. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed a bug where characters would vibrate when Gravity is 0, but the character is kept on the floor with a Body Force. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a crash/freeze when dropping tools. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed part geometry sometimes not being updated when moved by a joint becoming activated when anchored state changed. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed an issue where manual network ownership set as a player spawned would not properly replicate. LiveStatus.PNG
Fixed an issue where bodies waking from sleep would not wake other bodies connected by AlignPosition/AlignOrientaiton constraints LiveStatus.PNG

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