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Frame Moving in Circle

Frame Moving in Circle

Oct 01 2018, 1:24 AM PST

This code sample moves a GuiObject in a circle within its parent object using RunService’s BindToRenderStep. It defines a parametric equation in a function to help with positioning the GuiObject.

To try this code out, put a ScreenGui in the StarterGui. Inside the ScreenGui, insert a Frame with a LocalScript. Paste this code into the LocalScript, then play the game. Watch the Frame travel counterclockwise within.

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")

-- How fast the frame ought to move
local SPEED = 2

local frame = script.Parent
frame.AnchorPoint = Vector2.new(.5, .5)

-- A simple parametric equation of a circle
-- centered at (0.5, 0.5) with radius (0.5)
local function circle(t)
	return .5 + math.cos(t) * .5,
	       .5 + math.sin(t) * .5

-- Keep track of the current time
local currentTime = 0
local function onRenderStep(deltaTime)
	-- Update the current time
	currentTime = currentTime + deltaTime * SPEED
	-- ...and our frame's position
	local x, y = circle(currentTime)
	frame.Position = UDim2.new(x, 0, y, 0)

-- This is just a visual effect, so use the "Last" priority
RunService:BindToRenderStep("FrameCircle", Enum.RenderPriority.Last.Value, onRenderStep)
--RunService.RenderStepped:Connect(onRenderStep) -- Also works, but not recommended