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HttpService JSONDecode

HttpService JSONDecode

Sep 01 2018, 1:49 PM PST

This code sample gives an example JSON format string and parses it using HttpService’s JSONDecode. It then verifies that the JSON was parsed correctly, and prints out some of the information within the object.

Try editing the JSON string to experiment with the format. Also experiment with inspecting the data in Lua to get comfortable with the Lua representation of the data (tables and other values).

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")

-- An example JSON formatted string 
-- For details, see: http://www.json.org/
local jsonString = [[
	"message": "success",
	"info": {
		"points": 120,
		"isLeader": true,
		"user": {
			"id": 12345,
			"name": "JohnDoe"
		"past_scores": [50, 42, 95],
		"best_friend": null

local data = HttpService:JSONDecode(jsonString)
if data.message == "success" then
	-- Print the sample data
	-- Since tab["hello"] and tab.hello are equivalent,
	-- you could also use data["info"]["points"] here:
	print("I have " .. data.info.points .. " points")
	if data.info.isLeader then
		print("I am the leader")
	print("I have " .. #data.info.past_scores .. " past scores")
	print("All the information:")
	for k, v in pairs(data.info) do
		print(k, type(v), v)
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