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Game State Text

Game State Text

Oct 01 2018, 2:21 AM PST

This code sample mirrors the contents of a StringValue into a TextLabel, updating and setting the color of the text as it changes.

-- Place a StringValue called "GameState" in the ReplicatedStorage
local vGameState = game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild("GameState")
-- Place this code in a TextLabel
local textLabel = script.Parent

-- Some colors we'll use with TextColor3
local colorNormal = Color3.new(0, 0, 0) -- black
local colorCountdown = Color3.new(1, .5, 0) -- orange
local colorRound = Color3.new(.25, .25, 1) -- blue

-- We'll run this function to update the TextLabel as the state of the
-- game changes.
local function update()
	-- Update the text
	textLabel.Text = "State: " .. vGameState.Value
	-- Set the color of the text based on the current game state
	if vGameState.Value == "Countdown" then
		textLabel.TextColor3 = colorCountdown
	elseif vGameState.Value == "Round" then
		textLabel.TextColor3 = colorRound
		textLabel.TextColor3 = colorNormal

-- Pattern: update once when we start and also when vGameState changes
-- We should always see the most updated GameState.