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This is a server-only function that uses CSG to subtract the geometry of a table of BasePart|BaseParts from the calling BasePart. It returns a parentless UnionOperation named Union with the following specs:

  • The faces of the returned UnionOperation inherit the colors of the original parts’ faces.
  • The PartOperation/UsePartColor|UsePartColor property will be false.
  • The PartOperation/CollisionFidelity|CollisionFidelity will match the provided enum (or default).
  • The returned UnionOperation inherits the following properties from the part that this function was called from: BasePart/Color|Color, BasePart/Material|Material, BasePart/Reflectance|Reflectance, BasePart/Transparency|Transparency, BasePart/Anchored|Anchored, BasePart/CanCollide|CanCollide, BasePart/Elasticity|Elasticity, BasePart/Friction|Friction, and BasePart/CustomPhysicalProperties|CustomPhysicalProperties.

See the Articles/in game solid modeling|In-Game Solid Modeling article for more information.

Potential Errors

This function raises an error under the following conditions:

  • If the resulting union is empty due to subtractions.
  • When called by the client (this cannot be called by a LocalScript).
  • If any of the objects involved are not supported by CSG (only BasePart|BaseParts are supported, not Terrain or meshes).
  • If the result could not be computed with less than 3000 triangles.
  • Some other CSG problem occurred while attempting to union.


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Return Type Summary

Code Samples

Basic In-Game Subtract Operation

This example assumes there are three parts named Part1, Part2, and Part3 in the Workspace. It creates a union by subtracting Part2 and Part3 from Part1, destroys the original parts, and inserts the resulting UnionOperation.

local part = workspace.Part1
local otherParts = {workspace.Part2, workspace.Part3}

-- Perform subtract operation
local newUnion = part:SubtractAsync(otherParts)

-- Destroy source parts
for _, otherPart in pairs(otherParts)

-- Insert new union into workspace
newUnion.Parent = workspace